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Formerly AdRate, CultureRate:Ad is a proprietary ad testing measure of how well your ad performs among generational and multicultural consumers vs. your competitors.

Effective ads require cultural fluency, the ability to use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across consumer segments.

The Challenge

Conventional ad testing poses challenges with legacy norms and sample bias and can exacerbate a cultural disconnect between your brand and the consumers you need to engage for growth.

 The Opportunity

Built on a framework of a deep understanding of the cultural and emotional influences that inform how consumers from diverse backgrounds process ads, CultureRate:Ad helps you connect across culture.

Marketing Efficiency

CultureRate:Ad helps marketers develop more efficient ad campaigns and executions

Advertising traditionally is caught in a trade-off between effective campaigns for dedicated multicultural segments, like Hispanic and Black, vs effective campaigns for the “general market.”

We help you transcend this trade-off. Leveraging CultureRate:Ad, our ad testing methodology, we find the sweet spot in nuance, storyline and representation that links cultural perspectives and deepens cultural resonance in general marketing campaigns while making dedicated marketing more effective.

Get more from your integrated ad campaigns or improve performance of targeted ad campaigns.

Cultural Fluency

The Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) at the core of CultureRate:Ad is a powerful metric that improves favorability and purchase intention.

We measure four key experiences felt by survey respondents that reflect their cultural perspective.

Use A-CFQ to understand how your executions are helping you pivot to be more inclusive of high-growth consumers while maintaining your connection to core consumers. Build culturally fluent creative that avoid the risks of the resonance trap or the risky pivot. A-CFQ takes your ad testing a step further by deciphering the drivers of favorability and purchase intent.

Quantify Groundswell and Backlash

Amplify the insights from your ad’s A-CFQ scores with Groundswell and Backlash metrics. 

These metrics take conventional brand favorability a step further.  We quantify the degree to which an ad can “flip” perception from positive to negative or vice versa.  A startling 20-25% of consumers experience a “flip” in perception after watching just one ad, depending on the category. 

Combining A-CFQ and Backlash metrics for each demographic segment reveal dynamics that make your ad successful. 

CultureRate:Ad Studies

Monthly CultureRate:Ad studies identify ads that resonate with the “New Wave,” consumers aged 18 to 39.

New Wavers grew up with far more diverse peers than any generation in American history.  They look to brands to represent the diversity of their daily lives in advertising.

CultureRate:Ad studies examine how ads within specific categories or industries rank on A-CFQ for each segment in the New Wave.  Members can see how well ads rank on A-CFQ by race and ethnicity, and by Hispanic acculturation.

Ad Testing

Use CultureRate:Ad to evaluate creative and augment standard testing with deep cultural insights into ad performance.

Clients use our CultureRate:Ad methodology on a custom basis to evaluate in-process creative, compare Spanish language and English language executions, and perform portfolio-level analysis to set creative strategy.

But there’s more.  In combination with attitudes and usage studies, clients embed our proprietary cultural attributes profiling tool to gain powerful new insights into the connection between brand equities and positioning statements and cultural traits of target consumers by segment and ad performance. 

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