Essentials of Black Consumers
Collage Group’s Essentials of Black Consumers presentation explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics and economic opportunity, identity, and Group Traits.

June 17, 2022
Sudipti Kumar – Associate Director


Black Americans are an important U.S. consumer segment, and their population and economic power are growing. Brands must better understand this influential consumer group to effectively engage with them through their marketing and advertising.

Collage Group’s Essentials of Black Consumers explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics, identity, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with Black Americans.

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Key Insight #1

Black Americans are a a large, diverse, and economically powerful segment.


Recognize and celebrate the diversity of the Black segment in America by including Multiracial, Afro-Latino, and Non-Hispanic Black Americans in your marketing.

Key Insight #2

The history of Black Americans in this country, including systemic and institutional racism and race-related violence that continues today, results in Black Americans identifying with their race stronger than any other segment.

Black Americans identify stronger with their race than other Americans


Understand the historical context for Black Americans in this country and develop a clear strategy to holistically and authentically support the Black community over the long term.

Key Insight #3

Black Americans’ are increasingly unsatisfied with how they are portrayed in advertising.

Most Black Americans are not satisfied with their portrayals in advertising.


When portraying Black Americans, showcase their daily lives authentically and in ways that are culturally relevant and relatable. Actively pursue diverse marketing teams to provide more accurate portrayals of Black consumers’ lives.

Key Insight #4

There are four unique Group Traits important to understanding Black Americans: Determined, Real, Believing, and Forward-Thinking.

2022 Black American Group Traits


Utilize the Group Traits as ways to connect with Black Americans authentically. For example, to activate on determined, demonstrate how your brand can help Black Americans reach their goals by staying on track and getting to the finish line.

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Sudipti Kumar
Associate Director

Sudipti is an Associate Director on Collage Group’s Product and Content team. She is a graduate from NYU’s Stern School of Business where she studied finance and marketing, and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where she received her Masters in Public Administration. In her spare time, Sudipti enjoys reading, cooking, and learning to crochet.

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